URBAN Care Young Talent Platform

Since its inception, our brand URBAN Care has drawn all its strength from young people and women, always prioritizing respect for humans, nature, and animals.

URBAN Care Young Talent Platform

In the 10th anniversary of URBAN Care's establishment, URBAN Care Young Talent Platform (UYTP) was launched in cooperation with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) in order to strengthen the bond with young people and inspire them in line with the brand character. This platform aims to provide young people with a source of funding to realize their dreams by choosing a different topic every year. This year, the URBAN Care Bond Plex Restorative Care series was inspired by the story “We are strong with our bonds” and the focus topic was chosen as “dance”. The labels of the URBAN Care Bond Plex Hair Care series were renewed with the dancing female figures of artist Gökçe İrten with the influence of UYTP. 

“Equal Opportunity in Dance” forms the basis of the story. With this platform for both professionals and non-professionals, the platform opens up the horizons of the participants and offers them the opportunity to study abroad to build their dance careers.

The platform also aims to offer different scholarship opportunities later in the year. The advisory board chaired by Artistic Director, Choreographer, Trainer Beyhan Murphy and coordinated by artist, dance and movement therapist Ekin Bernay is working meticulously. Together with Ekin Bernay, the members of the selection committee and the young people trained, URBAN Care Dance Workshops are aimed to be organized in different corners of Anatolia, especially in disaster areas, in order to inspire young people and women.

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